The cleverest paper puzzles are back


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KAMI 2 is a puzzle game where you've got to turn all the papers in each level the same color using as few moves as possible.

Every puzzle in KAMI 2 consists of a screen full of papers in a rainbow of colors that form intricate patterns. Your aim is to make as many color changes as needed to leave everything in the same color. The problem? You've only got a limited number of moves.

As tends to be the case, the first levels in KAMI 2 are super simple, but as you get further and further on you'll discover that the gameplay in KAMI is rather more complicated than it first appears. A lot more complicated.

Visually, KAMI 2 is a real marvel. It doesn't have giant polygonal models, but instead, a genuinely captivating color palette and a realistic aesthetics. Every time you change the color of a group of papers, you'll see an authentic spectacle on your screen.

KAMI 2 is a puzzle game that's easy to understand but very hard to master – and lovely to look at, too. More than 100 levels that'll put your intelligence to the test.

Requires Android 4.0 or higher